Thanksgiving Menu

**** Please notify your Server if you or anyone in your party has a Food Allergy!!  ******

**Please order by Nov 23 to guarantee your selection**

Our Thanksgiving turkey design is available on any flavor cake if ordered in advance. we will carry them in store as Vanilla cake with Chocolate mousse.

With the holiday season coming, we look forward to seasonal desserts & specials. We will be narrowing down our standard menu, allowing for these sweets.

Pies   9” (one size only) serves 6 to 8 generously, up to 12.  Like all of our desserts are, pies are made fresh, by hand, from scratch, on site, using premium ingredients

Traditional Pumpkin       $15.50         Maple Pecan      $17                    Chocolate Mousse             $16.50                                                                Double Crust Apple          $16                 Blueberry    $16


*Harvest Crumble Tart 9” (one size only serves up to 16)                                     A deep-dish tart brimming generously with fresh apples, cranberries & pears, topped with brown sugar oatmeal streusel.$17.50                       

*Pear & Cranberry Galette     9” (one size only serves up to 16)    $18.50       A free-form tart filled with crimson cranberries & pears mellowed with a sweetened cream filling and baked inside a flaky crust

*Rustic Apple Tart  (to order only)      9” (one size serves up to 16)    $18.50   A deep-dish tart brimming  with fresh locally grown apples topped with a brown sugar oatmeal streusel.

*Chocolate Caramel Pecan Tart    8” serves 6-8   $23     Pecans and caramel in a shortbread crust, finished with chocolate mousse & festive chocolate adornments.

*White Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake                                 6” serves 6-8 $23   8” serves 8-12 $40               Creamy pumpkin cheesecake with a ginger molasses crust, finished with white chocolate cream topping & fresh whipped cream.

*Orange spice Roulade:         full 16”serves 8- 16 $21;     half $11   Fresh orange zest added to our vanilla cake, rolled with white chocolate mousse, infused with warm spices of the season

*Caramel Apple Roulade      full 16”serves 8- 16 $21;    half $11                                                           caramel mousse and fresh, sliced apples, seasoned with cinnamon & ginger. Topped  fresh whipped cream

*Apple “Pie” Cake  (to order only) 8” $26                                                                                                          our buttery pound cake, layered with fresh chopped apples & fresh whipped cream

*Maple Pumpkin Pound cake    2lb. Loaf $7.75                                                                                   Moist, tender pumpkin cake topped with maple frosting.

*Fresh Fruit Tart -(to order only) topped with seasonal fruits 8” $23,     10” $29 

*Vanilla Cheesecake (to order only) with your choice of fresh whipped cream/ fresh strawberries or Chocolate strawberries 6″ $28 ,   8″$41,    10″50

*Keylime Tart   (wheat free recipe) made with candied ginger, almond & coconut crust, real key lime filling topped with fresh whipped cream 8” $24,      10” $30

The following cake flavors are also available in our store:

Classic Chocolate Mousse cake  6″ $32;  8″ $44, limited number of 10″ $60


Confetti cake 6″ $30;  8″ $40,                               limited number of  10″ $55

Cookies & Cream 6″ $32;  8″ $44

Carrot cake 6″ $30;  8″ $40

French Vanilla  6″ $30;  8″ $40

Vanilla Raspberry  6″ $30;  8″ $40

Vanilla Chocolate  6″ $30;  8″ $40

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