Winter Specials Menu

**** Please notify your Server if you or anyone in your party has a Food Allergy!!  ******

**Please order by Dec 20th to guarantee your selection**

With the holiday season here, we look forward to seasonal desserts & specials. We will be narrowing down our standard menu, allowing for these special sweets.

“Large” size Buche De Noel

Dark Chocolate Buche Noel   A traditional holiday favorite “Yule Log”. Chocolate cake & chocolate mousse rolled & decorated with chocolate buttercream, meringue mushrooms, candy holly berries & leaves. Dusted in sugar snow.  2 sizes available:Large (serves 16-20) $44   OR  Sm (serves 8-10) $ 26.00    same cake, just finished in ganache instead of buttercream & decorated with a chocolate buttercream pinecones


Tiramisu   16” “log” serves 8-10    $26     Half Size $14                   Vanilla genoise cake brushed with espresso & rum and filled with sweetened mascarpone cream. Decorated with chocolate shavings

German Gingerbread Log

Gingerbread Roulade     16” serves 8 -16 $25    Half Size $13.50  This delicious, tender gingerbread cake is filled with light & fluffy cream cheese filling, then rolled to create the roulade. Garnished with fresh whipped cream and confectioner’s sugar.

German Gingerbread Christmas Log   16” (one size only) serves 8 -16 $30 *BY ORDER ONLY *  Our delicious gingerbread roulade glazed in dark chocolate ganache, decorated with a snowflake motif.

Eggnog Butter-Rum Cake:   8” ONLY serves 8-14 $28
Our buttery vanilla cake spiked generously with rum & topped with a sweet eggnog frosting and garnished with tiny gingerbread men.

Red Velvet Cheesecake :   6” serves 4-8 $21  8” serves 8-12 $40
Creamy and velvety classic vanilla cheesecake is generously studded with large pieces of red velvet cake and a chocolate crust! Decorated with buttercream poinsettia, this is a delicious & beautiful addition to your holiday table.

Raspberry Almond Linzer Tart:     8″ serves 6−8 $26            A vanilla shortbread filled with fluffy almond frangipan & seedless raspberry preserves topped with Almond macaroon lattice.

Apple Strudel

White Chocolate Peppermint Torte           6” serves 4-6 $26      8” serves 8-12 $35
Moist, tender chocolate cake layered with white chocolate peppermint mousse. Surrounded by chocolate cookies and finished with buttercream rosettes, crushed peppermints and a festive ribbon. A beautiful addition to your holiday table!

Apple Strudel   12” X 5” (LARGE- one size ONLY) serves 6-10     $25     Fresh golden delicious apples in flaky puff pastry, it’s a delicious treat for dessert or breakfast!! LIMITED QUANTITY, Please order in advance!

Pear & Cranberry Galette     9” (one size only serves up to 16)    $18.50 A free-form tart filled with crimson cranberries & pears mellowed with a sweetened cream filling and baked inside a flaky crust.

Harvest Crumble Tart9”(one size only serves up to 16)       $18 A deep-dish tart brimming generously with fresh locally grown apples, cranberries & pears, topped with brown sugar oatmeal streusel crumble.

Holiday Cookie Platter Our delicious holiday cookies are the perfect festive gift for a holiday party. Buttery and full of flavor, these beauties disappear quickly!  Prices vary by variety, we can make various sized trays, and assortments.  Our 2 lb. holiday assortment is most popular at $26.50….

Gingerbread Houses Ready to decorate, includes ready to mix icing & over a pound of candy! “Small” measures   6”x6 x6” $27  “Large” measures 9”x11”x7” $50

“small” size house o the left, “large” size on the right


Gingerbread Men   decorate your own gingerbread men set includes 6 large cookies plus icing $12  

Rudolph Cake- 6″






Rudolph Cake Available in 6″ (feeds 4-8) $37-$39 &  8″(feeds 8-12) $47-$51  Choose any available flavor cake in 6″ or 8″ and we will finish in chocolate buttercream with festive rudolph design.


Pies   9” (one size only) serves 6 to 8 generously, up to 12.  Like all of our desserts are, pies are made fresh, by hand, from scratch, on site, using premium ingredients

Traditional Pumpkin  $15.50           Maple Pecan $17            Chocolate Mousse   $16.50               Double Crust Apple   $16              

Harvest Crumble Tart 9” (one size only serves up to 16)  $17.50   A deep-dish tart brimming generously with fresh apples, cranberries & pears, topped with brown sugar oatmeal streusel.    

Pear & Cranberry Galette     9” (one size only serves up to 16)    $18.50  A free-form tart filled with crimson cranberries & pears mellowed with a sweetened cream filling and baked inside a flaky crust

Vanilla Cheesecake (to order only) with your choice of fresh whipped cream/ fresh strawberries or Chocolate strawberries 6″ $28 ,   8″$41,    10″50

Keylime Tart   (wheat free recipe) made with candied ginger, almond & coconut crust, real key lime filling topped with fresh whipped cream 8” $24,      10” $30

2# Holiday Cookie Platter

The following cake flavors are also available in our store:

Classic Chocolate Mousse cake  6″ $32;  8″ $44, limited number of 10″ $60

Confetti cake 6″ $30;  8″ $40, limited number of  10″ $55

Cookies & Cream 6″ $32;  8″ $44

Carrot cake 6″ $30;  8″ $40

French Vanilla  6″ $30;  8″ $40

Vanilla Raspberry  6″ $30;  8″ $40

Vanilla Chocolate  6″ $30;  8″ $40

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