Thanksgiving menu

**** Please notify your Server if you or anyone in your party has a Food Allergy!!  ******

**Please order by Nov 23 to guarantee your selection**

With the holiday season coming, we look forward to seasonal desserts & specials. We will be narrowing down our standard menu, allowing for these sweets.

Pies   9” (one size only) serves 6 to 8 generously, up to 12.  Like all of our desserts are, pies are made fresh, by hand, from scratch, on site, using premium ingredients

Traditional Pumpkin                 $15.50         Maple Pecan      $17                                              Chocolate Mousse                     $16.50                                                                                                  Double Crust Apple                   $16                 Blueberry    $16

*Harvest Crumble Tart 9” (one size only serves up to 16)   $17.50                                                            A deep-dish tart brimming generously with fresh apples, cranberries & pears, topped with brown sugar oatmeal streusel.

*Pear & Cranberry Galette     9” (one size only serves up to 16)    $18.50       A free-form tart filled with crimson cranberries & pears mellowed with a sweetened cream filling and baked inside a flaky crust

*Rustic Apple Tart  (to order only)      9” (one size serves up to 16)    $18.50   A deep-dish tart brimming  with fresh locally grown apples topped with a brown sugar oatmeal streusel.

*Chocolate Caramel Pecan Tart    8” serves 6-8   $23     Pecans and caramel in a shortbread crust, finished with chocolate mousse & festive chocolate adornments.

*White Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake                                 6” serves 6-8 $23   8” serves 8-12 $40               Creamy pumpkin cheesecake with a ginger molasses crust, finished with white chocolate cream topping & fresh whipped cream.

*Orange spice Roulade:         full 16”serves 8- 16 $21;     half $11   Fresh orange zest added to our vanilla cake, rolled with white chocolate mousse, infused with warm spices of the season

*Caramel Apple Roulade      full 16”serves 8- 16 $21;    half $11                                                           caramel mousse and fresh, sliced apples, seasoned with cinnamon & ginger. Topped  fresh whipped cream

*Apple “Pie” Cake  (to order only) 8” $26                                                                                                          our buttery pound cake, layered with fresh chopped apples & fresh whipped cream

*Maple Pumpkin Pound cake    2lb. Loaf $7.75                                                                                   Moist, tender pumpkin cake topped with maple frosting.

*Fresh Fruit Tart -(to order only) topped with seasonal fruits 8” $23,     10” $29 

*Vanilla Cheesecake (to order only) with your choice of fresh whipped cream/ fresh strawberries or Chocolate strawberries 6″ $28 ,   8″$41,    10″50

*Keylime Tart   (wheat free recipe) made with candied ginger, almond & coconut crust, real key lime filling topped with fresh whipped cream 8” $24,      10” $30

The following cake flavors are also available in our store:

Classic Chocolate Mousse cake  6″ $32;  8″ $44, limited number of 10″ $60

Our Turkey design is available on any flavor cake if ordered in advance, in store, we will have our Vanilla cake with Chocolate mousse

Confetti cake 6″ $30;  8″ $40,                               limited number of  10″ $55

Cookies & Cream 6″ $32;  8″ $44

Carrot cake 6″ $30;  8″ $40

French Vanilla  6″ $30;  8″ $40

Vanilla Raspberry  6″ $30;  8″ $40

Vanilla Chocolate  6″ $30;  8″ $40

Posted on: November 5, 2019
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