Valentine’s Day Menu

*****Before placing your order, notify your server if anyone in your party has food allergies****

 Valentine’s Day Menu

Valentine’s Cake for Two     $13.50

A generous single layer of our rich chocolate cake covered with chocolate ganache & topped with a heart-shaped layer of your choice, either:  chocolate mousse covered in Dark Chocolate OR Raspberry mousse covered in White chocolate. Each heart-shaped dessert is decorated with a buttercream flower, & inscribed with a “sweetheart” or custom message of your choice.


Sizes: Individual $4-$4.50, 6″ (serves 4-8) $29, 8″ (serves 8-12) $40, or 10″(serves 15-20) $55

  • Champagne & Raspberry Torte – light vanilla chiffon cake layered with fresh raspberries & champagne mousse. Finished in our vanilla meringue buttercream, with raspberry mirror glaze & festive white chocolate adornments, also available as individual
  • Red Velvet cake this classic cake flavor is scarlet in color, & filled with our rich cream cheese  & chocolate ganache.

Delicious Desserts

  • Mango Lime Roulade – “Half “ serves 6-8 – $12 ; “large” serves 10- 14 – $22;  also available by the slice

Our tender vanilla cake,  baked thin, rolled with Mango Mousse ; a light  sweet/tart Cream filling, studded in fresh fruit chunks & lime zest, finished in powdered sugar & fresh whipped cream.

  • White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake 6” serves 4 –8    $20             8”serves 8 –12    $30

Our creamy New York style cheesecake  with a chocolate cookie crust.  Melted white chocolate is folded in to the batter and swirled with blueberry puree to create a beautiful & delicious  dessert! Finished with fresh whipped cream and plump blueberries.  

Also available as individual size

  • Lemon Meringue Tart              8” tart  serves 4 –8    $16  individual potion also available

Tart & creamy lemon curd fills our buttery shortbread crust, then topped with fluffy meringue & toasted until brown

  • Apple Heart Tart 9” tart serves 12 $15.75

Sweet delicious apples, spiced lightly , fill our buttery & flaky pie crust. ..garnished in a heart motif!

Also Available

  • Colorful hand-decorated Shortbread Cookies                                     $2.50 each or $27/ dz.
  • Mini Red Velvet Lollipops $1.85 each or $20.50/ dz.
  • Mini cheesecake Lollipops $2.25 each or $24.30/dz.
  • Vanilla or Chocolate Cake pops $1.85 each or $20.50/ dz.
  • Mini Pastries — fresh cannoli , milky way tarts, opera tortes, éclair &  fresh fruit  $1.60 each or $18/ dz.
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Please pre-order-not long stemmed $1.75 each or $21/dz.
  • Handmade Truffles-Dark Chocolate dipped hazelnut nougat
Posted on: January 17, 2016
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