Valentine’s Day Menu


Individual $4.50 6” serves 4 – 8 $29 8”serves 8 – 12 $40
Champagne & Raspberry Torte – light vanilla chiffon cake layered with fresh raspberries & champagne mousse. Finished in our vanilla meringue buttercream, with raspberry mirror glaze & festive white chocolate adornments, with fresh raspberries.
Red Velvet cake – this classic cake flavor is scarlet in color, filled with our rich cream cheese & chocolate ganache. Finished in our vanilla meringue buttercream, decorated with beautiful hand crafted white chocolate
daisy & pearl mix.

Strawberry Roulade – “Half “ serves 6-8 – $12  ; “large” serves 10- 14 – $22;  a slice $3.05

Our tender vanilla cake,  baked thin, rolled with strawberry  Mousse; finished in powdered sugar & fresh whipped cream & fresh strawberries

“Sharing” sized mini cakes These cakes stand tall & proud! a 4″ x 3.25″ cylinder of chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mousse or vanilla sponge cake with strawberry mousse. Both finished with italian meringue buttercream frosting & chocolate ganache “spill” effect  with our our daisy & pearl mix. customize one with a personal note! $8.50


Tiny Treats 

  • Mini Red Velvet Lollipops                $1.85 each or $20.50/ dz. a sizable cake on a stick dunked in chocolate
  • Mini cheesecake Lollipops             $2.25 each or $24.30/dz. vanilla cheesecake balls dunked in chocolate
  • Vanilla or Chocolate Cake pops     $1.85 each or $20.50/ dz. dunked in white & pink  chocolate
  • Mini Pastries  — fresh cannoli , milky way tarts, Opera torte, éclair & fresh fruit tarts $1.60 each   
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Please pre-order.  Not long stemmed $1.75 each or $20/dz.
  • Heart shaped chocolate chip m&m cookies   large & FULL of chocolate & colorful candies   2 pack $3
  • Chocolate cookie sandwiches  OMG these are messy but delicious! whoopie pie’s cousin!


Posted on: February 12, 2017
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