Cake Menu

Note: As of June 1st 2020, we will be limiting our cake menu to the below flavors. Once our bakery is back to full operation, our regular menu of all flavors & sizes will be available.

Prices shown here include your choice of Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream or fresh Whipped Cream frosting, with your choice of buttercream flowers in white or pastel color, or festive chocolate adornments or a combination of both those, as well as most of the designs shown in our Flavor Gallery. Want to know the price of a specialty design? Just click on the photo, or give us a call!  781.708.9088


The following are “Classic” flavors &  wedding cakes are priced $4 per person:

  • Boston Cream Pie Our version of the classic dessert with vanilla chiffon cake, vanilla pastry cream, & chocolate    ganache layered inside the cake.  
  • Carrot – Traditional, moist carrot cake layered with cream cheese filling and an accent layer of apricot preserves.
  • Confetti – Rainbow confetti baked in to our vanilla chiffon cake layered with  vanilla American buttercream.
  • Dolce de Leche – Creamy caramel mousse layered inside our light vanilla chiffon cake.
  • French Vanilla – Vanilla chiffon cake layered with Madagascar Vanilla mousse.
  • Vanilla Chocolate –Vanilla chiffon cake layered with our dark chocolate mousse.
  • Day & Night  Vanilla chiffon cake layered with rich chocolate mousse and raspberry preserves. 
  • Lemon Citrus – Light chiffon cake layered with tart lemon curd & lemon mousse..
  • Ripe Red Raspberry – Vanilla chiffon cake layered with raspberry mousse & a thin layer of raspberry preserves.

The following are “Gourmet” flavors  & wedding cakes are priced $4.50 per person:

  • Strawberries & Cream Whipped vanilla pastry cream & fresh strawberries layered inside vanilla chiffon cake. 
  • Lemon Summer Berry Vanilla chiffon cake layered with fresh strawberries & raspberries and a creamy lemon mousse. 
  • Classic Chocolate Mousse – Rich chocolate cake layered with our dark chocolate mousse.
  • Cookies & Cream – Rich chocolate cake layered with our vanilla American buttercream, that’s studded with house made chocolate cookies.
  • Tuxedo Torte – Rich chocolate cake layered with Madagascar Vanilla mousse.
  • Chocolate Raspberry – Rich chocolate cake layered with fresh raspberry mousse and raspberry preserves. 
  • Red Velvet — A traditional southern favorite, this cake is scarlet in color and accented with just enough chocolate to make it irresistible. Layered with cream cheese filling.


Our  round & square cakes are made in a  European “torte” style with

3 layers of cake & 2 layers of mousse giving a taller, dessert style slice.

Portion size is approx 4″H x 1″W x 3.5″L


Classic   |   Gourmet

6” serves 4-8                $30           $32  

8” serves 8-12              $40          $44

10” serves 15-20          $55          $60

12” serves 25-35          $79          $89

14” serves 40-50          $98          $108

16”serves 55-75          $130         $143

18” serves 100            $190         $210


Our standard sheet cakes are made with 2 layers of cake & 1 layer of mousse for a casual occasion. 

Portion size is approx 2″x 2″

¼ sheet serves 20               $53        $55

½ sheet serves 45              $92        $100

Full Sheet serves 90      $190      $205

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